When you are planning renovations, the structural problems with your home are a priority. Some of the common problems with damage are due to poor, outdated designs that need to be updated. The following information will help you work with a structural engineer to address issues when doing major renovations:

  • Start with Evaluating the Foundation Problems—The foundation is one of the first areas that you will want to inspect for structural problems. You are going to want to repair the damage to the foundation and prevent future problems. Talk to a structural engineer about evaluating the loads and footing beams of your foundation. They can help with planning the improvements that will prevent damage to your foundation in the future due to failing footings and poor structural support of the foundation.
  • Making Structural Changes for Open-Concept Designs—There may be several remodeling projects that you are planning on doing during the renovations. These home improvement projects can include open-concept designs in areas like kitchens and living rooms. Work with the structural engineer to make changes for an open-concept design that includes:
    • Removing load-bearing walls
    • Making ceiling changes for more open space
    • Moving load-bearing points like posts and columns in your home

These are areas where you will want the help of a structural engineer before making major changes to the structure of your home.

  • Addressing Issues with Damage due To Structural Loads—Some of the old structural support in your home could be failing and causing problems. The issues with poor structural support can cause issues that include:
    • Doors and windows become difficult to operate
    • Low spots in interior areas of floors where loads are carried
    • Cracks in drywall and damage to woodwork due to structural movements

These are some of the different structural problems that a structural engineer can help you prevent. They will be able to provide a solution to the problem, but you are going to need to take care of repairing any existing damage.

  • Designing Improvements and Additions for Remodeling—There are also improvements and additions that you may be planning for your home. When you are planning some of these major remodeling projects, talk to a structural engineer. The engineer will be able to help with the design of the new spaces, as well as how to improve the existing structure to support new loads that are created.

When doing renovations to your home, you want to make sure the structure is up to date. Contact a structural engineering company for help inspecting your home and recommending improvements to prevent structural problems.