If you own your own business, there are many things you can do to protect your building and your employees. One of these things is installing a leak detection system. Below is information about different types of leak detection systems so you can decide what you think would be best.

Wireless Leak Detection System

One popular type of leak detection system is wireless that has a battery backup. This type features many sensors, an alarm that will sound if there is a water leak, and a water shutoff valve that will automatically turn off water where there is a leak. Having an alarm will immediately alert you of a leak so you can quickly take care of the problem. One thing to consider, however, is that scale can build up inside of the shutoff valve. If this happens, the valve will not operate well. Because of this, you would need to check the shutoff valve periodically. You do have to make sure the wireless signal is always working well, as well. The professional who installs this system will show you how to do these things.

Passive Leak Detection System

A passive leak detection system features one device that is operated by battery. This type also has a sensor that monitors for wetness. If moisture is sensed, an alarm will sound. Because these systems have only one device, you should consider buying more than one to place in different areas of your building that could have a water leak. One thing to consider with this type is you have to check the batteries on a regular basis. Also, if you do have many areas that would require this you should consider other types of leak detection systems.

Active Leak Detection System

An active leak detection system is wired to a unit and will stop water flow in the area that the leak is detected. The system also sounds an alarm to alert you of the water leak. An active leak detection system features a flow or moisture sensor to monitor leaks. You can purchase an individual system if you only have one area of your building that can have a water leak. For the most protection, there are whole-building systems. If you choose the whole system you would have to hire an electrician to install the wiring in most cases.  

The professional you hire to install a leak detection system can give you much more information about the types above. This professional can also tell you of other types of leak detection systems that are available on the market.