When it comes to design, you may think that residential design is the only place it matters but office building design is another area where you can be creative. If you are working on a renovation project of an office building, then there are several design trends that you can use as inspiration. One of the most popular trends right now that can be really fun to emulate is industrial design. With a mix of metals, wood, and some attention to detail, you can make your industrial space look like something out of a catalog. From your staircases to your ceilings, this article will list a few things that you can do to add that industrial element.

Your Staircases

If your office building is several stories high and you have a staircase in the front, why not showcase it and make it be one of the focal points? By adding either cement or wood to the stairs and then adding an industrial handrail like metal pipes, you can make your staircase look as industrial as ever. If you do decide to add cement to the stairs, make sure that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that the stairs can handle all of the extra weight.

The Walls

Whether you have a really old building or one that's only a couple of decades old, one of the best ways to add an industrial vibe is to have exposed brick walls. If you are in the original building and it has brick behind the drywall then you are in luck, but if you have a newer building without the eclectic brick look in it then you may want to hire someone to lay brick over the top of your walls to create that original look. 

The Ceilings

The fun thing about industrial building design is that a lot of it involves leaving things raw and exposed; especially the ceilings. By having large, open, and exposed ceilings, you can really embrace the industrial vibe and you can save a lot of money at the same time. Just make sure that your electrician can conceal as many wires as possible so that it still looks uniform. 

If you want to learn a little bit more about industrial building design or if you want to learn about other types of office building design, then reach out to a designer near you today and they can help you out.