When it's time to repave your apartment complex parking lot, consider taking the opportunity to overhaul the space. Here are just some of the ways you can improve the parking experience for your tenants while also creating a smooth, freshly paved space.

Add Dedicated Parking Areas

Talk to your residents to determine if they prefer assigned parking spaces. Use this information to help create a map of spots and to determine how many dedicated parking areas you need. If possible, consider two spots for apartments with more than one bedroom to accommodate multiple-vehicle households. You can have your paving company number the spots once paving is complete to create these dedicated spaces. Be sure to add handicapped parking to the map, and ask your tenants if anyone requires permanent handicapped parking. You can also create a visitor area to help keep resident parking areas free.

Create A Code Of Conduct

Adding a code of conduct for your parking lot can help keep it looking great after the paving is complete. These rules might involve moving vehicles every day or paying for cleaning when a car experiences leaks that might otherwise stain the fresh pavement. Once you have the rules in place, you can have signs created and posted throughout the lot to serve as a reminder to tenants and visitors.

Add Paved Walkways

For added safety in larger lots, work with your paving company to create dedicated sidewalks throughout the lot. This option gives residents a safe walkway to their apartments. You can post stop signs where the sidewalks intersect with driving paths to help increase safety, and you can also install lights along the paths to increase visibility at night. Consider placing trash cans at intervals throughout the walkways to keep litter off of your freshly paved parking lot.

Choose Reflective Parking Lot Striping

After the lot is paved, you'll need to have it striped to create your parking spaces. Consider reflective striping to help guide drivers at night. This can reduce the number of awkward parking occurrences, and it can also help prevent fender benders in the lot. You can also choose reflective paint or tape for speed bumps to increase safety and encourage drivers to reduce their speed once they enter the lot. Be sure to choose blue paint for handicapped spots to reinforce the dedicated space for those needing extra assistance getting to and from your apartment complex buildings.

For more information about parking lot paving, contact a company like Branche Industries.