If your basement seems to always have water seeping into it during every rainstorm, you may be trying to take steps on the inside to keep the water from causing too much damage, such as installing a French drain and sump pump system. However, if your home's foundation is allowing the water to enter, there are a couple of things you can do to help prevent the flow of water into your basement.

1.  Slope Dirt Away from Your Home's Foundation

While trying to keep water from outside of your home's foundation from getting into your basement, the first thing you should do is take a look at the ground surrounding it. If there appears that the soil is sloping toward your house, the angle is only making it easy for the water to seep in through the foundation and into your basement.

To keep this from happening, you can create a slope away from your home's foundation by packing dirt a few inches deep next to the structure, then gradually tapering it off so that the angle carries the water away from your house. 

When you pile the dirt against the house, however, do not pack it too tightly. Since soil is highly absorbent, it will soak up any water. If the dirt is packed tightly, there will be less drainage, which will cause the soil to expand. This expansion will then put pressure on the foundation, causing it to crack or crumble under the strain.

2.  Keep Your Gutters Cleaned Out

After creating a slope away from the foundation, the next thing you can do to help prevent water from entering your basement is to make sure you keep your gutters cleaned out. Whenever the gutters become clogged up, the water will have no other path than to pour over the sides.

As the water pours over the sides of the gutters, it will flow directly underneath them and hit the area next to your foundation. Even if you create a slope next to your house, the direct flow of water will penetrate the soil and make its way through any cracks or crevices in your foundation.

Even if you perform the above tasks, you may still have issues with water entering into and flooding your basement. If so, contact a contractor who offers exterior waterproofing services to have them inspect your home's foundation and discuss your options for preventing the problem.