Some of the most beautiful regions to live in are the ones that are known for having stormy weather on a regular basis. For instance many of the coastal regions are known for hurricanes, while the central regions are known for tornadoes. If you have decided to move to such a region, it is important to have a plan in place for your safety. You must also be prepared to face the consequences of the damage that a storm can cause to your house, as prompt repairs might be necessary. Take a look at this article for tips on storm preparation and the after effects of one that damages your house.

Promptly Repair a Storm Damaged Roof

The roof is one of the first areas of a house that storms tend to damage, even if it's only minor. For instance, due to storms usually producing a substantial amount of wind, it is common for shingles to get blown off of houses. No matter how minor or severe storm damage to your roof may be, it is important to make sure prompt roof repairs are made. A single missing shingle puts the roof deck at risk for deteriorating from water damage. You should also ensure that the gutters are repaired if they become damaged after a storm, as they can can affect your roof in a negative manner when in bad shape or full of debris.

Install Storm Shutters to Protect Windows

Windows are another area of a house that can easily become damaged from the effects of a storm. If you are not interested in the constant need for buying replacement windows, consider buying storm shutters. The shutters are ideal because they can provide a substantial amount of protection for your window panes. It will take an abnormal amount of wind to destroy the shutters, and it is difficult for flying debris to get through them. Storm shutters can actually add appeal to the exterior of a house as well, which might increase value.

Get a Storm Cellar Professionally Installed

For your personal safety, it is wise to get a storm cellar installed on your property. Going beneath the ground is the most ideal way to protect yourself when a storm like a tornado occurs. You can opt for a cellar that is installed in your garage for easy access to it. A professional can let you know what all of your storm cellar options are so you can make the best decision based on you needs.