The argument is a long-running one, and the battle lines are well-drawn between the two factions of the real estate buying community. One side believes it is always best to purchase existing homes in an attempt to get more square footage and added-on features for their buying dollar. The other side sees the purchase of a new, custom-built home as being best able to fit the long-term needs of the buyer while requiring less maintenance.

But what if both sides are ignoring something very important? What if they are overlooking the health aspects involved in choosing a new home, instead of an existing one?  

1. Protecting respiratory health

A pre-existing home can include several upgrades for a lower price, but it may also include some not-so-nice features that can make the simple act of breathing more difficult for those with respiratory health conditions. In addition to chemical residues from cleaners, air fresheners, and other products used by previous families, an existing home likely also comes with dander from past human and pet occupants, rodent droppings, insect feces, residue from cigarette smoke, and many other potential irritants. 

If the home was ever inhabited by anyone who used or manufactured drugs, there can be even more dangerous toxins and irritants inside. 

In contrast, opting to build a custom home puts the buyer in charge of choosing all the finishes and products involved and offers the opportunity to buy a clean, healthy home. 

2. Physical mobility and safety

Another reason to choose a custom-built home is the opportunity to design the structure from the ground up, making sure that both the lot where it is located and the home itself are built to accommodate any current or future mobility problems. 

3. Accommodating special needs

Many households have family members with some type of special need. A home design that incorporates elements to make life easier for the entire family can help improve quality of life. Some good examples of this include: 

  • designing a caregiver's suite within the plan for the home
  • incorporating an intercom system or closed-circuit television to help with monitoring
  • providing an enclosed loading and unloading zone for a wheelchair-bound family member

Now that you know about a few of the health-related reasons to build a custom home instead of having to buy, then renovate an existing home to fit your family's needs, take time to discuss your housing ideas with a reputable custom builder like Kreider & Diller Builders Inc in your area.