If you have recently invested in a vacant property that has been taken over by trash and dumping, you are going to need to clean the land and the property up before you can use it.

#1 Take Pictures

The first thing that you are going to want to do is take pictures of the area. Take detailed pictures so that you can see what is on the property. This will help you come up with a plan for cleaning up the property. You should also keep photos so that you can keep track of your journey of cleaning up the land.

Photos can also let you see if people continue to trespass on your land, or if the trespassing stops once you clean up the land. This will let you see if new debris is added as you clean up, allowing you to take appropriate action.

#2 Rent a Dumpster

Second, you need to rent a dumpster. Contact your local trash company and see if you can rent a dumpster from them. Let them know the amount of debris that you have on your land to get rid of. This will help you and the trash company determine what size dumpster you need. When in doubt, it is usually better to go with a larger dumpster. You are charged a fee if you overfill your dumpster, you are not charged a fee if you under-fill your dumpster.

#3 Get a Clean-Up Crew Together

Cleaning up goes a lot faster when you work together. See if you can get some family and friends to volunteer to help you clean everything up. Be sure to provide everyone with gloves and face masks for protection as you clean-up.

If you can't get any volunteers to help you clean-up the land, hire a few people to assist you with the clean-up process. If there is metal on the land, scrappers may be interested in removing the metal for you.

Work together and try to work in a systemic manner. Start in one area and work to clean up that area before you move on. If you jump around from one area to another, you may not feel like you are really accomplishing anything. Cleaning up one area at a time can give you a sense of accomplishment and help you allocate resources.

#4 Protect the Land

If the land had a lot of dumping go on, you are going to want to take some steps to protect the land. You may want to put up a fence to keep people off the property as well as a sign warning people to not trespass or dump on your property.

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