If you work as a plumber, you have the option of joining a union. Doing so is a smart decision because it gives you added security and lets you take advantage of the following benefits. 

1. Provides Access to Better Training 

The plumbing industry is highly specialized and requires workers to possess a lot of practical skills. You can easily master these skills by joining a union -- which provides better training than you'd probably learn under a traditional apprenticeship.

This training is conducted by industry professionals, who have a lot of experience and expertise that you can use to make yourself a better plumber. Most importantly, having access to better training enables you to work more safely on job sites. You thus won't be as prone to getting injured since you'll know exactly what protocol to follow.

2. Gives Plumbers a Voice

There will be times when you're not happy with how things are run when working under a plumbing company. At least when you join a plumbing union, you can voice these concerns to enact some type of change within your company's organization. It's important that you never to abuse this voice, however. 

Only report serious matters to your union. Some complaints that warrant union assistance include discrimination in the workplace, unfair pay, unsafe working conditions, and bullying. If any of these issues are present, you can contact your union representative, and they'll make sure practices are changed promptly. 

3. Makes Collective Bargaining Possible 

Getting the plumbing company that you work under to change its procedures can be quite difficult alone. A more effective approach is to gather a bunch of plumbers together, who have common goals in mind.

This is what a plumbing union gives you, and it's called collective bargaining. When a lot of plumbers are on your side about a particular work-related issue, you have added negotiating power. You'll thus be more capable of making change happen, whether it has to do with wages or safety practices. 

Unions -- when used correctly -- can be extremely helpful to workers. This is true for plumbers as well. If you're a plumber and aren't happy with your current working conditions, make sure to join a union in your area. This resource will ensure you're not taken advantage of because unfair practices will be identified and changed. Not only does this benefit your practice, but it progresses the entire plumbing industry as a whole. 

For more information, contact your local plumber or pipefitters union.