Have you been having issues with the quality of your home's water? For example, there is a white residue on dishes after they come out of your dishwasher, or the water has a weird taste when drinking it? It's very possible that your home has hard water.

Water can have minerals in it that make its way to your home, which cause cause various problems that affect you every day. For example, a washing machine that doesn't get your clothes very clean, or an ice maker that is no longer working correctly from calcium buildup. Thankfully, these problems can be fixed with water filtration. Here is what you should know about using water filtration.

Water Filtration Methods

There are multiple methods commonly used for water filtration. The distillation method involves actually boiling water and separating the steam to a separate container that has clean water. Reserve osmosis involves letting water flow through a membrane that filters the water. Each system has their own pros and cons.

Distillation Pros and Cons

The good thing about using distilled water is that is can be safely used in all your appliances. Washers, dishwashers, humidifiers, ice makers, and water dispensers can all use distilled water without any issues.

However, distilled water is not the best for drinking. Distilled water contains no minerals or nutrients naturally found in water, which while safe for drinking, is not ideal for nutritional purposes. Your body still needs calcium and potassium, so you should consider alternate ways that you can get those minerals.

Reverse Osmosis Pros and Cons

A reverse osmosis filtration system is very energy efficient when compared to a distillation system. There are no unnatural byproducts produced from using reverse osmosis, which makes it better for the environment.

The problem you'll have with reverse osmosis filtration is the amount of water waste that it produces. Only as much as 15% of water that runs through the system is actually filtered. The rest has so many impurities in the water that it cannot be used for any real purpose.

No matter what water filtration system you use, it is sure to bring cleaner water into your home that will taste better and have less of an impact on your appliances. For more info on either filtration system, speak with a plumber in your area. They can provide you with pricing to have either water filtration system installed in your home.