The surface of many decking materials are slippery and dangerous when they become wet. If you want to have a safer deck, a anti-slip surface is a great investment, and there are many decking materials on the market today that will give you the combination of an attractive appearance and an anti-slip surface that makes your outdoor space safer. Here are some of the best choices for anti-slip decking for you next outdoor project:

1. Elegant Capped Composite Decking For Slip-Free Wood Look

 Investing in a deck requires you to choose a decking material that is attractive and functional. Capped composites offer you the choice of standard and premium composite decking materials. The standard composites are an affordable and durable solution, while premium products offer you the choice of wood grain styles to give the deck surface a timber look. All composite materials have a slip-resistant surface to reduce fall hazards and risk of personal injury.

2. Attractive And Durable Aluminum Decking With Slip-Resistant Surface

Composites are attractive and affordable, but if you want more from your deck investment, keeping the space beneath your deck dry will give you functionality. Aluminum dry deck systems are a great solution to keep the space beneath the deck dry, which can be finished for additional space for your home or as dry outdoor storage. The aluminum dry deck systems have raised ridges on the surface, which make them slip-resistent. Aluminum decking is susceptible to denting and scratches on the surface, so they are not ideal for shaded areas with trees that cause debris to fall on them.

3. Dry Deck Systems With Lightweight Slip-Resistant Solid Surface Above

If you want to have dry space beneath the deck, there are several ways to do this, such as using dry-deck decking surfaces or dry-deck joist systems. Another option is to use a lightweight material for a solid slip-resistant surface, such as vinyl membranes or lightweight materials. Dry-deck joists are a good solution no matter when you choose because they will provide soffit for the space beneath the deck and protect against leaks that occur. Vinyl decking systems are the best material for this because they have a color that goes all the way throught the material, which hides scuffing and damage. The vinyl decking systems are also affordable and come in many different styles.

These are some of the best choices for safer surfaces for your deck projects. Contact a vinyl decking company and check out sites like to get help with your next deck project.