When looking over your kitchen and considering renovations, changing your cabinets can be one of the things you're most enthusiastic about. The cabinets in the room have a lot to do with the overall personality of the space, and your ability to be smart about the pieces you install will affect your enjoyment of the kitchen. Whether you're changing only the cabinets or the entire room, think about the following related decisions early on.

What Kind of Material Will Be Used?

You probably already have a picture in your mind about what you'd like your new cabinets to look like. For example, you might have already determined that you like a slab look, rather than a recessed design. However, the material you select must match the overall design of your home, as well as perform competently after you've put them up. Pure hardwood is commonly used and loved by many families, but the lighter, less expensive medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is also used often.

If you believe hardwood is the right option, you still have choices to think about. For example, do you want a dark cherry wood or a lighter oak? This will usually depend on personal tastes, but generally, lighter colored wood will work best in kitchens with small square footage amounts, while darker woods are more suited to large spaces, because they could be visually overwhelming in smaller rooms.

In addition to appearance, the amount of maintenance you may need to do is also important when selecting materials. Natural wood is likely to need sealing coats every few years and might warp and crack in certain spots over time, due to the temperature in the room. MDF, on the other hand, tends to be more resistant to problems, and you shouldn't have to do much to maintain it.

What Shelving Makes the Most Sense?

Cabinet exteriors are important, but you need to consider functionality, as well. If you usually have stocked cabinets full of different food items, you may investigate pull-out shelves and drawers, which make it easier to see your things and get to them without reaching over other items. If your cabinets are filled with dishes, bowls, and cups, you might prefer adjustable shelves.

Making these basic decisions will enable you to really streamline the cabinet choosing and installation processes. Your remodeling contractor should have plenty of information and ideas to ensure your cabinets are long-lasting, well-made, and good-looking.

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