If you've been to the beach lately, you might have noticed that some of the shoreline is starting to disappear. If you own a beach-front home, you might be noticing it even more. You might even have less beach-front property than you once had. Unfortunately, soil erosion is destroying much of the shoreline, and dramatically reducing the amount of beach space that's available. While there's not much that can be done to completely stop the erosion, there are steps to take that will slow down the progress.

Create Man-Made Breakers

Natural soil erosion occurs when the waves come crashing on to the shore. The rapid rush of water washes away the sand, causing large gouges to occur in the shoreline. This is particularly detrimental in areas that don't have the benefit of natural breakers – obstacles that slow down the water as it comes to shore. To slow down the progression of soil erosion along the shoreline, man-made breakers can be created. Large boulders can be brought onto the shoreline, near the waters-edge, and built up to create a breaker that will create a break and slow down the rush of water that crashes onto the shoreline.

Encourage Natural Resources

When it comes to protecting the shoreline, it's important to encourage natural resources. You might not realize this, but natural resources such as seaweed, and even seagulls, help keep the shoreline healthy. An abundant crop of seaweed encourages sea creatures. The sea creatures encourage more birds. Once the birds and the sea creatures are gone, the seaweed begins to wither away. Unfortunately, seaweed is necessary to prevent soil erosion. To slow down the progression of soil erosion, steps should be taken to protect the natural resources, including the growth of seaweed.

Utilize Beach Re-Nourishment

In areas that have experienced significant soil erosion, beach re-nourishment is a successful method of revitalizing the area, and preventing additional erosion. Beach re-nourishment involves the process of moving sand from one area and introducing it to an area that is experiencing significant erosion. In areas where erosion is widespread, bulk sand can be purchased and delivered to the location.

Bring on the Wind Breaks

In areas where erosion is being caused by constant winds, it's possible to slow down the destruction by installing wind breaks along the shoreline. If you own beach-front property, this is something you can do to protect your property. Installing a small fence along your property line will stop the wind from blowing the sand out to sea, or down the shoreline.

Beach erosion is a problem that affects everyone. The strategies described here can help slow down the effects of erosion, and restore the shoreline.