If your asphalt driveway has potholes in it, you may decide to repair them yourself. If so, use the following tips to prepare your driveway for the job to increase your success rate for patching them.

Plan Ahead By Checking The Weather Forecast

Before you start doing any physical preparation on your driveway, plan ahead a few days by checking the weather forecast. When applying patches to asphalt, you need a full day of sunshine and warmth.

If there is even a slight chance of rain, you may want to pick another day to do the job. However, if your options are limited because of other commitments, you can plan on a day to patch the driveway, along with having a backup day in case the weather turns cold and rainy.

Remove Loose Pieces Of Asphalt

Once your patching day has arrived, the first thing you should do is remove any loose pieces of asphalt from inside the potholes. If you try to patch them without doing this, the patch will not have a stable surface on which to adhere.

To remove the asphalt, take a small putty knife or flathead screwdriver, and run it along the inside of the pothole. This should break loose any chunks. Once you remove the pieces, spray the area with a garden hose to wash away any dust and remaining debris, and let it dry completely.

Partially Fill Deep Holes Before Patching

After cleaning out the potholes, take a look at the depth of each one. If you have any that are particularly deep, you should fill them halfway with sand.

If you try to apply the patch in a hole that is more than an inch or two deep, the inside of it may not dry or set up completely. This could weaken the patch enough that even a small amount of pressure could dislodge it.

Before applying the patch, fill the hole halfway with sand. Then, use the end of a board or your foot to tamp it down. Then, add a small amount to the top of the existing sand, and repeat until you have a firm surface.

After preparing your driveway, you are ready to fill them in with a patch. However, if you have concerns about doing this yourself, you may want to contact an asphalt patching service to discuss your options for having them do it for you.