Garage-door sensors play the pivotal role of preventing property damage. And since they help prevent injuries around the garage door, they usually go a long way toward preventing lawsuits in cases where a visitor gets injured. Unfortunately, there are times when garage-door sensors fail, something that then increases both the risks of property damage and personal injury. The following are common causes of garage-door sensor failure. Knowing them may come in handy in helping you to keep your garage door safe.

Dirt accumulation

Garage-door sensors work by beaming light across the door. They determine whether there is an obstruction in the garage door's way depending on whether there is a break in the beam or not. When dirt accumulates on one of the sensors, it usually affects its ability to either receive or transmit the beam of light. This interferes with the functioning of the door sensors, something that then causes the door to not close, close halfway, or do a sudden reversal when either closing or opening.

Scratched sensors

While cleaning a garage-door sensor is necessary to ensure that it functions as effectively as it should, not every cleaning technique is effective. This is because the sensors are usually made up of scratch-sensitive glass. Any scratches that form on a sensor's glass during the cleaning process can have the same obstructive effect as dirt and cobwebs. They can therefore hinder beam transmission and reception, something that then causes the garage door to malfunction.

To clean a sensor, always make sure that you use a soft cloth. And if you need to use a cleaner so as to get rid of any stubborn stains, always go for the mild ones. Settling on a cleaner that is streak-free will also make the cleaning process more effective as far as making your garage-door sensors functional is concerned.

Misaligned sensors

The proper working of the sensors depends on the generation and reception of a beam of light. This is something that is not possible if the sensors are misaligned, causing the garage door's opening and closing mechanism to malfunction. A reliable symptom of this condition is the blinking of the LED lights of one of the garage-door sensors. The good news is that fixing this problem is easy. All you have to do is unscrew the holding bracket of one of the sensors and then start tilting it. With every tilt, try closing the door. Stop the tilting process right when the garage door starts working normally.

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