You now have your tiny home in place just like you've always wanted, but one pesky thing is still on your mind: Reducing power consumption. Even if you live in a tiny home, there are ways to cut back on electricity usage without going all out and investing in a solar panel system. In fact, harnessing the free energy provided by the sun in a tiny home is lot easier than what it would be in a traditional house, and does not require major investments. Here are four easy ways you can implement solar energy into your tiny home.

Invest in a portable solar generator.

Solar generators are small, affordable, and operate quiet enough that they can be used just about anywhere. The unit usually offers a small solar panel either affixed to the top or connected with wiring so that it can be maneuvered into position outside while the generator stays situated indoors. These small generators often have a couple of outlets and suffice to provide enough energy to your laptop or other household devices.

Make use of solar-powered fans.

Because of their small stature, a tiny home is much easier to heat and cool than the typical residence. Therefore, on days when the temperatures are not too awfully hot, just using a few solar-powered fans in the windows to keep the air moving can be enough to keep the entire house cool. Solar-powered fans have an attached solar panel and often have clips so they can easily be attached to your windows.

Have a skylight installed that has a cover.

Just the heat through one or two skylights in a tiny home can be all that is necessary to keep the space warm on cool days. Therefore, it is a good idea to have at least one good skylight integrated into the roof of your tiny home. Make sure the skylight you choose has a cover that can be used in the summer to prevent excess heat from being a problem.

Install a few solar-powered lights.

One of the greatest advantages of living in a tiny home is the fact that it takes so little to provide everyday necessities, such as light, to the entire space. You could actually keep the majority of your home lit with just a solar-powered light or two. These lights are simple to install, usually just clipping into place, and have a wired solar panel that runs outdoors to collect energy during the day.

For more tips, talk with an electrician like G.J. Rossi & Son.