If you have ever seen a part of a house or building that looks lopsided, the problem could be that that part of the structure is sinking into the soil, or it could be that it was poorly constructed in the first place. The only way to know for sure is to have a construction defects contractor come and evaluate the structural issues. If you have never heard of a construction defects contractor, the following information will enlighten you as to what this special kind of contractor is and when you may want to hire one.

What a Construction Defects Contractor Is

A construction defects contractor is a special type of contractor that is able to spot faulty building materials and shoddy construction by other contractors. He or she can conduct tests on materials to see if those materials stand up to building codes and regulations, and if not, that part of your house or building may need to be torn down and rebuilt for safety as well as liability reasons. Fortunately for you, this special type of contractor also makes the necessary repairs and construction to any building that was poorly constructed, poorly supported or constructed from subpar building materials.

When You May Want to Hire a Construction Defects Contractor

If your home or commercial building is fairly new but suddenly experiences some unexplained damage (e.g., a wall caves in, the roofing completely sloughs off, sections of the building collapse downward and/or inward, etc.) then you will want to (at the very least) talk to a construction defects contractor. He or she will come to your address, examine the damage, take samples of building materials if anything looks questionable (e.g., steel girders are bent, concrete flakes like powder, etc.), and then provide you with an estimate of what it may cost to fix everything. Additionally, this special contractor may suggest that you see a lawyer in the event that there is proof that the previous contractor cut corners during construction.

In addition to uncovering poorly constructed houses and buildings, a construction defects contractor may be hired to fix natural occurrences of structural defects. Houses and buildings that are built on slabs frequently encounter sinking because they lack support from underneath their slab foundations. That leads to doors and windows breaking or not opening and closing properly because their frames are twisted out of shape by the sinking foundation. This is also an example of when you would want to hire a construction defects contractor because he or she can rectify both the sinking foundation and the twisted and bent frames of your windows and/or doors. Click here to learn more.