Your bathroom is a private and utilitarian space. Perhaps it was originally designed with those tenets in mind, or maybe it's simply time for some updates. Even if you're renovating your bathroom to improve useful aspects such as storage, you can still beautify your space.

Tile Work

When it comes to the bathroom, tiling is a luxurious material option. Tile work can fit into many décor styles. For instance, if you fancy a Mediterranean bathroom, select colorful tiles with bold patterning. Graceful arabesques promote a Moroccan appeal, while stylized flowers look more Italian. Conversely, choose glass tiles in aquatic colors for a beach-inspired bathroom.

Recycled Materials

Reclaimed materials are a new byword in eco-friendly design. For example, some manufacturers harvest wood from old barns and make boards for hardwood flooring. The wood offers a charming timeworn appearance. Another option is to take a piece of furniture, such as a bedroom vanity, and have it upcycled for the bathroom. Create a hole for the skink and plumbing, top the vanity with a stone surface, and enjoy your custom creation.

Minimalist Décor

For a more contemporary-styled bathroom, minimalism is more on-trend. For instance, start with plain white subway tiles. Consider having them grouted gray for a little patterning. Add a glass shower enclosure to limit visual restriction. Seamless glass is one way to go, though it's also possible to have the panes outlined in bold metal for an industrial profile. Keep the lines simple and unornamented when selecting the vanity and bathroom accents.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Along the minimalistic line, a monochromatic color scheme is another chic option. For instance, choose a cool color such as gray. Start with an upscale material for the flooring, such as gray marble or granite. Have the walls painted light gray, and layer on more of the same in the vanity and other accent pieces. Keep any accent colors restrained, such as a hint of white in the window treatments or furnishings. The sleek simplicity of such a palette brings elegance to your bathroom.

Layered Lighting

No matter your bathroom style, Home and Garden TV recommends layering the lighting for the most appealing effect. So, start with a single statement fixture, such as a chandelier, that promotes your overall décor style. From there, choose fixtures in a similar style for the work stations. A key area is lighting the vanity area – make sure the lighting is balanced and sufficient for the most involved of tasks. Include water-proof lighting in the bathing area to complete the layering.

Whether you opt for minimalist or stylized décor elements, create a bathroom that's as beautiful as it is functional during your makeover. To learn more about bathroom remodeling, contact a company like Assurance Remodeling.