Adding new construction onto your home can be exciting, whether it's a new addition, a garage, new patio area, or something else. It can also be hard on your yard and property, especially if you live on or near a slope. This is because the addition of heavy construction vehicles, lots of foot traffic, and digging can cause the soil structure to break down. The following tips can help you combat erosion.

Tip #1: Know Your Climate

The dry season is the best time to tackle any type of construction project. This isn't just because it is easier on the workers – you don't want the rain to wash out the soil around the construction site. If you expect your project to extend over several months or multiple seasons, begin the project during the dry season. This gives your construction crew time to install erosion control barriers before wet weather arrives.

Tip #2: Survey Your Property During a Rainstorm

It's an excellent idea to find out where the water naturally goes on your property before drawing up any permanent construction plans. Venture outside during or right after a heavy rain and check to see where the run-off tends to go. Look for marshy areas or slopes that have temporary rivulets coursing down their faces. If an area is prone to heavy run-off or water accumulation, it's a spot that will need extra shoring up and permanent erosion control methods installed if you build on it. It maybe a better idea to move the project to a more stable area if possible.

Tip #3: Protect the Lawn

Lawn and plants, especially on slopes, are important erosion control methods. You don't want to destroy these during your project by using the spot to store materials or to set up a temporary work zone. Instead, clear level areas with no erosion concerns, preferably a paved drive or patio, for materials storage and work zones.

Tip #4: Plan for Temporary Control Measures

For larger projects near an erosion-susceptible zone, consider the use of barriers. Straw-filled berms are a popular option. These long tubes consist of a biodegradable netting stuffed with straw. They can be laid at the top of the slope and staked into place to prevent runoff from the construction zone from causing an erosion issue on the slope. They can be removed or allowed to break down naturally once the project is finished.

For more information about erosion control, consider contacting a local specialist, such as Specialty Construction Supply, to discuss your concerns.