If you are getting tired of the way your kitchen looks, changing a few things can make a big impact on how it looks. Below are two remodeling projects you should consider doing. When you are finished, it will look like a new kitchen to you.

New Marble Kitchen Floors

Marble is beautiful and it is unique, as there are many shade and pattern variations. Because of these many variations, you may have some problems getting the tiles to match. One way to help with this is to ensure that you buy all of the tiles from the same batch, and you may want to go ahead and purchase a few extra just in case you need them later.  Ask the contractor to lay the tiles out on the floor before they install them so you can make sure you like the pattern.

You need to be careful on how you clean your marble floor. You should never use any type of acidic cleaners, or it can cause your marble floor to lose shine and scratch easily. You can clean the floors with a diluted mixture of water and soap, or water and ammonia. You should have mostly water in the mixture so use two parts water and one part of whatever cleaner you choose to use.

When you finish cleaning the floors, you should dry them thoroughly using a soft towel. This is important, because marble is porous and water left on it will seep down into the stone. If you have difficulty keeping your new floors clean, consider calling in a professional like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc.

Updated Cabinets

If you are getting bored with your cabinets but do not want to spend the money to replace them, you can update them. One thing that will really make a big change is to paint your cabinets if they are still in good shape. Head to the paint store and choose a color that you like. If you want to go lighter, paint them white, green, or even yellow. Before you paint, you need to make sure your cabinets are completely clean. Run sandpaper over the cabinets to smooth out any rough spots.

You can also reface your cabinets if you do not want to paint them, which is replacing the doors, fronts of drawers, and veneer. You can still keep the cabinet boxes. To make a dramatic difference, make the cabinet doors and drawer fronts a different style of wood and color than the cabinet boxes. If you are the DIY type person, you can reface your cabinets yourself. If not, you should consider hiring someone to do this for you.

If you do not want to go through the work or expense of refacing your cabinets, there is peel and stick veneer that you can stick onto the front of your cabinets. If you use this, make sure the size is perfect before you put the veneer over your cabinets, as once it is placed on the cabinet, the veneer is very hard to remove.