Have you recently moved into a new house? Are your drains no longer functioning as well as you would like? If your home has a septic system, instead of being hooked up to a city sewer line, there could be a number of culprits. Here are some of the most common causes:

Full septic tank: If you don't know when the home's previous owners last had the septic tank emptied, this could be why your drains are running slowly. Another possible symptom is a soggy, and possibly smelly, patch of ground near where your septic tank is located. If you let this continue for too long, it could potentially damage your septic tank's leach field. A damaged leach field may be remedied easily, or it could be very costly. Since you can't know ahead of time which it'll be, having your septic tank pumped regularly is crucial to keeping the system functioning properly.

Broken sewer pump: If your home has a basement with running water, it is going to have a sewer pump. A sewer pump is required to lift waste water out of the basement and pump it into your septic tank for disposal. If the sewer pump stops working, your basement toilet or washing machine will no longer drain. Eventually, the rest of your drains may back up as well. Since they are typically made out of removable, sturdy cast iron parts, sewer pump repair is often an option if your pump is the issue. Since only a few parts are being replaced, instead of the whole unit, sewer pump repair will obviously be easier on your wallet than buying a whole new pump. This is especially good news for you if you're still paying off various moving expenses. Talk with a place like Forrest Sewer Pump Service for more information.

Plant roots: A septic line is not a solid unit, but is instead made up of shorter lengths of pipes that have been placed end to end. Under normal circumstances, there is no issue with this. However, any plants that are placed too near to a septic line may grow roots into the small cracks between the pipes. If you've had a technician out for a sewer pump repair and you've had your septic tank pumped, but the drains are still moving slowly, your septic line may have been invaded by roots. If there is any chance that roots may be the cause of the problem, it's important to get them removed as soon as possible so that this doesn't happen.