Medicine cabinets are often the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before bed. So why does your medicine cabinet have to be boring? Transform your medicine cabinet with these four makeover ideas:

1. Add color

You would be surprised by how much this idea can completely change the look of your medicine cabinet. Painting or lining the back wall and door with paper gives your medicine cabinet a fresh look. To paint the back wall and door, simply choose your favorite color of paint and use painter's tape to separate the wall and the shelves. Paint the shelves a different color for an even bigger wow factor or leave them unpainted.

To line the shelves and the back wall simply choose a thick stationary paper or wallpaper. Carefully measure the back of the door and the space between the shelves. You can use the same paper for the walls and door or mix and match. Once you've cut the paper according to the measurements, spray adhesive onto the back and carefully press the paper to the walls. Start from the center and smooth the bubbles away.

2. Install metal

If you like the look of your medicine cabinet but you need more organization, install metal shelves or metal backing. Place magnetic hooks along the backing. This will help you keep metal objects like nail clippers, tweezers, and scissors organized. Using magnets will also give you more room in your medicine cabinet. You can hang metal objects up out of the way rather than use a cup that takes up valuable space.

3. Install cork board

Cork board will turn your medicine cabinet into a message center. You can leave notes and messages for your family. Leave a chore list or reminders for your kids or romantic notes for your significant other. A cork board is also a great, simple way to display photos. To install the cork board, measure the back of your medicine cabinet door. Buy cork board from any craft store and cut to the appropriate size. Use heavy duty adhesive or magnetic strips to attach the board to the back of the door. Cork board is a fun, refreshing way to give your medicine cabinet a new look. It can also help you organize your cabinet. Hang hooks or install thumb tacks so you have a place to put tweezers, nail clippers, or hair ties.

4. Install lights

Many modern medicine cabinets come with light fixtures. A simple project will provide your medicine cabinet with lighting. Medicine cabinet lighting is especially helpful if you ever find yourself stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night to get headache medicine. You can open your cabinet and get what you need without turning on the bathroom lights. To light your medicine cabinet, install sticky led lights to the underside of the cabinet shelves. Then simply turn them on when you're going to bed and turn them off in the morning. You can also replace your old medicine cabinet with a modern, lighted version.

These four ideas will completely transform your medicine cabinet. If you're in the mood for a remodel, medicine cabinets from places like Affordable Custom Enclosures are the easiest place in your bathroom to start.