Undoubtedly, a shower is an essential facility in every home. However, homeowners may not consider how they can make this area more attractive, instead settling for a basic shower curtain to keep the water from splashing. In this day and age, there are numerous options to contemplate when it comes to shower enclosures for your home.

Frameless shower enclosures

This is a popular option for people who are looking for both functionality as well as the elegance that comes with sleek design. As the name suggests, the enclosure has no frames, so it is purely glass that is fitted into the enclosure to give the illusion of seamless lines. An advantage of this type of enclosure is the ease at which it can be kept clean. The glass can be treated to repel any soap scum or water spots, so cleaning it does not take much elbow grease.

Framed shower enclosures

These enclosures are comprised of glass panels that have been set into aluminum framing. The mixture of metal and glass gives your shower a contemporary feel. It should be noted that when cleaning, special attention should be paid to the areas where the metal and glass meet, as grime could easily collect there and tarnish the shine of the aluminum. Other than that, there are no other special considerations to keeping these framed shower enclosures spotless when not in use.

Sliding glass shower enclosures

These are a good choice for bathrooms that may not have sufficient space to accommodate a swinging shower door. If you are limited on space, the sliding doors are a practical option that also add a sense of style to your bathroom. In addition, sliding doors can be made custom to fit your bathroom. Thus, you would still have room to install other bathroom fixtures as you see fit. However, sliding doors can be a bit pricey. If you are on a budget, you could consider partially frameless sliding doors. These cost less and still give your bathroom an airy feel, thus not compromising the overall design and style.

Bathtub shower enclosures

A misconception people have is that if you already have a bathtub, you cannot have a shower enclosure. Tub enclosures eliminate the option of only using a shower curtain. The tempered glass that is used for these shower enclosures gives the homeowner the benefits of having both a shower and a bathtub in one. If you were looking for some increased privacy, you can have the tempered glass sandblasted. This will give it a frosted look that allows you to take a shower while someone else is using the bathroom. This would be especially convenient in a one-bathroom house.