If you are buying a home, don't forget to call a land surveyor. You may not have dealt with a land surveyor before, but these professionals can provide you with a valuable service to protect your property. 

The surveyor will take your deed and map it to the actual land that you own. For instance, they will use the boundaries listed on the deed and identify the actual land that you own. They will evaluate the zoning and regulations that apply to the area of your property. They will also make a record of the features of your property, such as sidewalks, electrical poles, and other fixed elements. 

Why Use a Land Surveyor?

The basic reason to use land surveying is that you will have an official document of your property. This can be very helpful if you plan to sell the property in the future; you will have a verified account of the assets you're selling. 

Dealing with the Neighbors

You may also want to document or determine whether your neighbor's property spills onto your land. A fence or garden could easily be on your turf, and even if you don't want them to tear it down, you may want proof of this in case it becomes an issue in the future. If you do want them to move the fence, a survey is the official document that you'll need to take them to court. 

On the reverse side, you may want to know exactly where you can build. If you plan on putting up a fence, know that your property may not be exactly symmetrical, meaning that your land could end at a jagged corner or be rounded off. In this case, knowing where you are legally allowed to build will help you plan your improvements. If you do want to build onto a corner of your neighbor's land, you may want to approach them first and make a deal. 

Changing the Lot

Finally, a land survey is important if you plan to divide up the lot, either to sell or to give to a family member. Each city has its own laws about how you can divide a single lot, and separate rules for building two properties on the same lot. Your land surveyor can point you to the right resources for finding out how to best use your property for multiple purposes. No matter what you plan to do with your property, a complete survey is a good way to be thorough about making your new home purchase. 

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