The plumbing in your home is essential for everyday living. You need your plumbing system to be working efficiently in order to utilize your sink, toilet, shower, and more. Without efficient plumbing, everyday conveniences that you take advantage of will become useless. Here are three tips that are going to help you continue to utilize the convenience of your plumbing system and avoid costly repairs in the future:

1. Test Water Pressure: 

Just like you check your blood pressure regularly to ensure that you are healthy, you should also be checking your water pressure to be sure that your plumbing system is healthy. To check the water pressure, you can use a water pressure gauge you can purchase at your local hardware store. You will attach this gauge to any sink in the home, turn on the faucet, and the gauge will measure the water pressure. Be sure that it isn't over 80 psi, which is the recommended maximum. You can adjust the water pressure by turning the water pressure valve to the left to reduce it and to the right to increase it. The valve is usually located near your water heater. If you need a new water pressure valve, which you will if the water pressure isn't changing even when you attempt to change it, then you will need a plumbing contractor to replace it. 

2. Use Copper Water Lines:

When you move into a new place, you should consider replacing any steel water lines that are attached to all plumbing appliances with copper water lines. This is because steel water lines tend to corrode easily, which is the major cause of leaks and high water bills. 

3. Replace Shut-Off Valves: 

Typically, old shut-off valves will cause problems whenever you need to turn off the water supply to a certain plumbing feature in your home because it is overflowing. If the shut-off valve isn't working, then you are in for major water damage to your home while waiting for a plumber to arrive. By replacing shut-off valves, you can ensure that the valve will work in emergency situations when you need it most. You should purchase shut-off valves that don't have any rubber seals that can break down over time and cause leaks more easily. 

By following these three tips for avoiding costly plumbing damages, you can ensure that you continuously have great working plumbing at all times to continue to keep your life easy and simple. To learn more, contact the experts at Always On Call Mountain Mechanical