Windows are arguably among the most important features of a home. In addition to improving the comfort of occupants, well-maintained windows can help increase the value of a property. Sadly, some homeowners do not pay much attention to their windows, and as a result, they may not be aware that there are signs that can alert them to the need to replace their windows. In particular, there are two signs that will let you know it is time to replace your windows . 

Fog And Condensation On The Interior Of Insulated Windows

Double-paned insulated windows have emerged as a popular choice for many homeowners. These windows can provide you with superior energy efficiency, and they are highly durable. While these windows are designed for durability, there are problems that can arise which will comprise the efficiency of the window. In particular, it is possible for the seals between the two panes of glass to develop a leak, and this will completely mitigate the effects of the insulated space. 

Sadly, there is no way to cost-effectively repair this type of damage. As a result, you will be forced to replace the window to restore its effectiveness. While this may seem like an inconvenient form of maintenance to have done, it can usually be completed in a matter of hours, and this is a small price to pay for an energy efficient home. 

Misaligned Frame

When most people imagine damaged windows, they likely picture a broken piece of glass, and while the glass is certainly a vulnerable part of the window, damage to the frame can be equally devastating. For example, as time progresses, it is possible for your window frame to settle off balance. When this is the case, you will find it difficult to open and close the window. Also, you may be more likely to shatter the glass because you will be closing it with more force. 

Unfortunately, this problem will require the window to be replaced to fully correct the damage. When the frame develops a misalignment, it will develop numerous leaks and drafts that will force your air conditioning system to expend more energy to keep the home cool. 

Replacing your home's windows is a major project that you must carefully consider before making a decision. Sadly, some homeowners do not realize the various reasons why it may be best to consider replacement windows. By considering these two factors, you will be sure not to overlook important reasons why your windows should be replaced as opposed to repaired. If you're still unsure, work with a professional like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. to see what the best option is for your windows.