Want to bring a cool look to the spaces of your home with a fun and easy project? Try tiling a distinctive mosaic pattern on the surface of floors, walls, and even furniture.

Try the following mosaic ideas:

Cool clocks

Create a cool mosaic clock using a clock-kit from the crafting store and some broken ceramic or glass tiles and grout. It pays to measure your clock's surface space and sketch out your planned mosaic design on graph paper first.

Gracious guide

Mosaics are ideal for stepping stones in the yard and garden, as well as to accent a patio space. Create your own using concrete poured in shallow boxes to hold your tiles, trinkets, or textural components. Allow to dry and tear away the box to reveal your stepping-stone; use a spray sealant to finish.

Funky furniture

Mosaic tile creations are being seen more and more, and not just on floors or walls anymore. In fact, some crafty individuals may make their own furniture in distinctive mosaic patterns using a variety of materials.

Some examples of mosaic tile furnishings and accents include the following:

  • Give a straight-back chair a mosaic finish. Metal or wood work best, and it pays to tile in small areas until you achieve desired coverage.
  • Mosaics are being seen more on the surface of lamps and light fixtures. Broken ceramic tiles are commonly found in lamps, typically set in tinted grout.
  • Create a wonderful garden bench using an unfinished wood bench-seat, or salvage something from a local thrift store to create your own patio piece.

Mosaic tips

There is a wide-range of tile projects and types of mosaics that you may create. Whether using salvaged bottle caps and buttons, or when buying high-end glass tile, there are some simple tips that can make the project a bit easier, and that may produce better results.

Some things to remember when creating your mosaics include the following:

  • Keep an eye out for unique accent pieces for a mosaic project. Buttons, keys, jewelry, and even bottle caps can bring a distinct look to your piece.
  • Tint your mosaic grout with acrylic paint prior to grouting. Mix a big batch, which eliminates the problem of trying to match colors precisely.
  • Never pour unused grout down your sink when you are done working. When you mix grout with water, you should discard and not attempt to reuse leftover grout.
  • Use a light touch when applying sealer to your mosaic surfaces; only apply sealers to the grouted area of your piece.