The aerial lift that you select is crucial because not having the proper lift can force you to stop work operations until you can secure the correct one. A major factor influencing which aerial lift you select is the size of the platform:

How Much Space Do You Need?

Ask your manager about how much space the aerial lift platform must be. The size will be based on how many workers must be on the platform at once, how large they are, the amount of space the workers need to perform their duties and the size of any equipment that must be lifted.

How Big is Your Equipment?

When considering the equipment, you must not only think about the dimensions of the equipment, but getting the equipment onto the lift in the first place. Very large equipment may be difficult to navigate through the door.

Also, can the equipment make the turns necessary to be placed on the lift? How much space is needed to operate the equipment? For example, does a worker need to pull a string to start the equipment and is there enough room to do so?

The work area must be measured to determine whether the aerial lift will fit inside the space. The lift might need to be wider or more narrow depending on the work area. Also, the work flow might need to be adjusted if it is not possible for a larger aerial lift to fit inside the space. If you need to use a small aerial lift, but the workers will not fit on one, determine if there is a way for the work to be completed with fewer workers.

Will an Aerial Lift Fit the Needs of Your Job?

The manager will also be able to assist you in determining whether you need an aerial lift or if you simply need an articulated boom lift. If the job requires a long horizontal reach, an aerial lift might not be suitable for the job.

How Much Will Everything Weigh?

Besides considering dimensions, you must also consider the weight of the aerial lift. The larger the platform, the heavier the lift will be. The ground underneath the lift must be stable enough to support the weight. Also, you must know how much weight the lift can support and measure how much it will weigh to place the equipment and workers on top of the lift.

If you place too much weight on the lift, it will be more likely to malfunction. But if you measure the dimensions and stay under the maximum weight capacity, your aerial lifts will help your company complete its work orders.