Playful cats love to climb on furniture, although you might hate the holes they make when sharpening their claws on your beautiful couch. To combat this, people usually purchase cat trees, which are basically carpet-covered pieces of wood. Cats trees can be expensive and the cats will destroy them over time. Save money by repurposing old furniture into play furniture for your cats. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Bookcases make great cat furniture because they already have levels. Use those cheap bookcases made with thin boards barely nailed together. You can find used ones at thrift stores. This way you won't care when your cat claws the bookcase and destroys it over time. Line the shelves and sides of the bookcase with carpet. Use leftover carpet pieces that are all the same color so it looks nice. Attach the carpet to the bookcase using carpet adhesive in glue or tape form. Don't use nails because your cat could pull them out with their claws and hurt themselves.

Wall Shelves

If you have a bunch of empty wall space, you can use shelves to make climbing furniture for your cat. You can find cheap wood shelves that are different sizes and shapes, including some zig-zag shapes that are perfect for climbing cats. Glue carpet to the top of each shelf for scratching and gripping. Attach the shelves to the wall but stagger them at different heights. You can make an interesting design out of the shelves so that the furniture looks like art to your guests. Just make sure all the shelves and the carpet are the same color.


Cats love to use armchairs as scratching posts. If you have an old chair that your cat has destroyed, don't throw it out. Turn it into furniture for your cat. Carefully pull off the back material of the chair. It is usually attached using staples and tiny nails. Use a screwdriver, slip the end beneath the material, and pull up to loosen the material. Cut out the next layer of material using an Xacto knife. You'll notice a nice open space inside the chair. Slip a comfy pillow or pet bed inside and your cat will love the new cave.

Why buy special furniture for your cat when you can turn old furniture into a playground? This gives old furniture new life. Your cats will love you more for it, too. Check out retailers like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance to see what clearance furniture you can take off their hands and repurpose for your pet.