A fall poses a dangerous threat to anyone working around their home, on their roof, or at a job site. There are some tips offered that reduce incidence of a fall by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which can be translated to homes during repairs and refurbishments. Consider implementing the following strategies to stay safe when working around your property.

Some tips include:

Identifying fall hazards around the home

OSHA defines a fall hazard as anything that could cause you to lose your balance or a lack of support that could potentially result in a fall. This includes any work area or walking surface, particularly when it is elevated to a height of four-feet or higher. Since many workers are exposed to these dangers on a daily basis, OSHA has set standards of practice to be used at work-sites that translate practically to the home, as well.

Some unexpected dangers and fall risks

While it might be easy to assume most falls are related to heights, such as jobs that occur on a roof or scaffolding, there are many unexpected dangers to be aware of. Openings in the floor or surface of the work area also present a risk of falling, as do edges and borders of work areas that are unmarked or edged. Ladders also pose a bevy of risks, and should be handled with care and used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Tips for staying safe

There are some guidelines endorsed and enforced by OSHA to help reduce the incidence of falls on the job. Some of these make good sense to implement when working around the home, too. Some tips for staying safe during home repairs include:

  • Use fall prevention methods such as guardrails, handrails, ladder supports, and netting when working on or around the home.

  • Follow vigilant ladder safety including transporting the ladder to the work-site, and never position the ladder over equipment or machinery that could pose dangers in the event of a fall.

  • Do not attempt tasks at heights over four-feet without a partner. Working alone on these tasks can present additional problems when an accident does occur.

A fall can cause big problems for homeowners attempting to get repairs or refurbishments completed in a tight time-frame, and may result in injury that can further slow down necessary chores. Use these tips to increase awareness regarding fall risks around your home, as well as some practical strategies to reduce accidents and falls during home improvement tasks. If you have hired professionals to work on your home, consider public fall protection, such as provided by Public Works Supply.