If you are considering replacing the vinyl siding on your home, there is actually a good and a bad time of year to do this. Vinyl is an affordable solution to siding for your home, but just as is the case with nearly every product, the prices can fluctuate at certain times of the year. Installing vinyl siding is more beneficial during certain times of the year as well. Here is an overview on when the best time to buy and install vinyl siding is. 

Pricing of Vinyl Siding

Generally, most homeowners search to get their siding replaced during the busy spring and summer season. When this happens, the standard of economics, "supply and demand" are increased, and therefore the prices rise as well. So unless you're in some type of emergency situation, you're better off waiting until the off-season, generally fall, or even winter, before looking at pricing quotes from siding contractors. Try to get quotes from at least three different contractors in order to ensure the best deal. 

Also, at the end of the summer season, many suppliers put their siding and other construction materials on sale to clear out inventory, so if you're looking to install the siding yourself, you'll still get the best deal by waiting for the off-season.

Weather for Vinyl Installation

When siding is installed in the summer time, the hot weather causes the vinyl to expand. When this type of siding is installed during the heat of summer, it could buckle or crack during the winter if nailed too tightly. The best time of year to install siding are when the temperatures are mid-range. 

Also installing in the fall means your home will be ready for winter. Old siding with cracks and gaps can cause your utility bills to rise, and when new siding is installed the gaps in the frame or your home will be filled in, and you may want to consider a house wrap before the siding is installed to ensure that cold air stays out and warm air stays in. 

If you live in an area where you have mild winters, you could wait until early winter before installing your siding. If you live in a colder climate, you want to have vinyl siding installed before freezing sets in. Extremely cold temperatures will cause your vinyl siding to get brittle and crack while the siding is installed. Mid-October is the ideal cut-off date for installing vinyl installation in colder climates. Contact professionals, such as those with Bramble Builders, Inc, to see how they can best fulfill your needs.